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 Grass Village jutsu

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Daniel Kiyade

Daniel Kiyade

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PostSubject: Grass Village jutsu   Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:30 pm

the Kage name of this village is Gusakage

Gennin jutsu
Gusa style:Grass needle jutsu
You focus chakura into the grass shard and make it hard into a needle

Gusa style:Grass bed jutsu
You focus chakura into the grass around you making the gass needles making it hard to walk,run,jump

Gusa style:Grass obstrucion jutsu
Grass goes into the opponets eyes making it hard to see

Gusa style:Grass spike jutsu
A Single spike of grass goes out of the ground and hits the opponet

Grass armor (Light)

Gusa style:Grass Hand (small)
A Small hand grabs the opponets let or Arm

Grass style:grass dome

Grass style:Medium spiked ball
a ball is made that fly into the opponet that ingures him

Chuunin Jutsu
Gusa style:Exploding Medium Grass ball
(You know)
Gusa style: Dance of the Gracing fern
A Huge amount of Grass spike fly out of the ground covering the feild for 4 post with spikes, you can go into them, form with them also

Gusa style:Light grass dragon jutsu
a Minor sized Dragon flys at an opponet

Gusa style:Grass armor (Taijutsu style)
The grass goes into your skin and makes you lighter so you can go faster

Gusa art: Exploding grass spike jutsu

Gusa style: Grass armor (Medium)

Gusa style:Grass hand (Medium)
It can grab a oppnets lets,arms and chest etc

Gusa style:Spiked Grass dome

Gusa art:Large Grass dragon
A Grass dragon is formed that is the size of a 4 stroy building

Gusa art:Exploding Dragon
As a Grass dragon is made it hits the opponet and sends needles into them then explodes leaving them heavily wounded

Grass armor: (Thick)

Grass armor:Spiked armor

Grass hand jutsu (Big)
It can grab an opponets legs,arms,an chest

Grass style:Spiked Grass hand (big)
Same as the Big hand, it peirces them with spikes as well

Gusa art:Summoning of the Final stage
You open 4 Chakura gates, once opened a Armor that takes shape of a dragon forms on you
Making you extreamly fast,strong(5 post)

Gusa style:Great grass barrior
A huge grass dome protects you


Gusa art: Falling of a Great warrior dragon
As your in the stage of the Summoning the armor
Becomes so strong all 8 gates are Automaticly opened
Grass flys all around into the air and in the sky
2 dragons sworm aruond you
and then in a flicking type way
All of the grass and the dragons hit the opponet, as well as you
Cause a dome to be made, inside are massive spikes, leaving your opponet dead, and you alive to suffer for 4 hours then you die
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Grass Village jutsu
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