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 Clan jutsu

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Daniel Kiyade

Daniel Kiyade

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PostSubject: Clan jutsu   Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:33 am

Geninn lvl 1
Chakra summoning
The user summons forth his chakra, the base move of the Kiyade

Chakra armor lvl 1
the user pushes out chakra from his or her sweat glans, creating a chakra armor that can block wepons, but not any jutsu

Chakra needles
the user flows and makes needles out of chakra, the max is 15 per post

Chakra Fragment bullets
the user takes his chakra into there fingures, and sends a burst of 5-10 chakra bullets at an opponet

Chakra arrow
the user flows chakra into there mouth, and "Releses" and arrow like figure made of chakra

Chakra blade lvl 1
the user makes a sword of chakra, for 10 post the user can hold it with absolutly no problems(Only one can be made)

Chakra Staff lvl 1
the user creates a staff made of chakra, able to break anything in its way, its a formatable opponet (10 post only one can be made)

Chakra kunai lvl 1
the user makes a small kunai into there hands, only 5 can be made per battle but the damage of the kunai are massive

Chakra claws lvl 1
The user flows chakra into there hands, making claws that form onto there fingures (10 post, only one hand)
Chunnin lvl 2
Lifeforce summoning
once the user has summoned there chakra, there able to take the next step and summon life force
adding a new color chakra

Second color
the user are givin certain colors for there personality
Silver=Can be nice, but has an evil side
Red= Strong

Rapid Fragment Bullets
the user flows chakra into there fingures, and sends rapid chakra bullets ranging from 30-50(Only once per battle)

Chakra needles lvl 2
the user can create up to 30 needles per battle, and use them to there will

Chakra Kunai lvl 2
the user can create 10 kunai made of chakra, that can penatrate anything

Chakra Blade lvl 2
a blade that last 20 post, this blade can slash throught almost anything

Rapid Arrow Burst
the user can now shoot up to 10 arrow in a row(only 3 times per battle)

Chakra staff lvl 2
this staff is lighter, and stronger making it a leathal wepon for 20 post

Chakra claws lvl 2
The claws get 3 inches long, and last for 20 post

Chakra Armor lvl 2
this armor can block anything for only 3 post

Lifeforce blade lvl 1
(Only accessed by lifeforce summoning) the user has a differnt colored blade perfect for attacks (lasts for 5 post)

Lifeforce Staff lvl 1
the user makes a staff of lifeforce thats almost as strong as the chakra staff

Lifeforce kunai lvl 1
Basicly the same as the chakra one but only 2 can be made

Lifeforce Needles lvl 1
the user makes lifeforce needles only 5 can be made, but there highly dangerouse

Speed Advancment
The user stores chakra into there legs (Like Flash step)

Figured out there Final attack
the user knows there final attack and will not use it
Pupet mastery
the user can now use a puppet to any extent they want, and even use jutsu for puppet

Chakra dome
the user can make a dome of chakra, able to block them from unessacary opponets

Chakra wall
the user makes a wall of chakra, that can block them from many attacks

Chakra armor lvl 3
this is the same as the lvl 2 but lasts 8 post and can defend you from anything

Staff of life
the user can make a staff, and store chakra inside it for later use

Chakra wepons
every wepon advances post by 10
(Needles and kunais not inculed)
Chakra kunai lvl 3
the user can make 20

Chakra needles
the user can make 100

Lifeforce wepons
They only advance by 3 post
but become stronger, and harder more leathal

Chakra Fingure blast
the user point his hand like a gun, and send a straight line of chakra into an opponet

Chakra spike
the user can now make spikes appear onto the feild, great for fineshing blows

Chakra spike explotion
the user can make a spike explode relesing 200 needles per explotion

Chakra explotion
the user can make anything made of chakra explode

Near perfection Final attack
the user has masterd there final atack
but has little flaws
lvl 4 Kage/Sannin
Chakra divertion
the user can depleate all of his chakra, making him hidden from any eye, even the hyuuga

Chakra seperation lvl 4
the user flows chakra onto there hand, and strike the opponet, if hit right the user can shut down there chakra system for 3 post

Chakra wings
the user flows chakra into there back giving them wings, and making them able to fly

(Forbbiden)Speed of light
the user flows enough chakra into there legs, advancing there speeds to nearly 300 mph
giving a Chakra seperation attack 10x the force, making it nearly fatal
after the jutsu is used, ligiments are torn, and 2 weeks of suffering follows

Ikiwa summoning(forbidden)
the summon of the chakra god, once summoned only Kiyade, uchiha, and hyuuga can see the God
and the god takes the sorces of your chakra, ending your life in 2 days(irl)

Perfect Final attack
the user perfects there final attack
lvl 5 Kiyade
Only Leaders and prodigys can accses
but the user is now able to use there chakra to any extent
and have masterd there Final Attack to a DOT!

And litteraly can use every Kiyade jutsu, and use there own chakra
to Precise Mesurments, and use it to any extent
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Clan jutsu
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